The ladies of Huntingdon WI and a group of volunteers took on the mammoth task of knitting a giant scarf to raise money for the Sue Ryder charity.

The finished article measured in at a hefty 71 metres and took a month to complete.

The knitters were sponsored to make segments of the scarf using scraps of left-over wool and then it was sewn together to make the finished article.

Cecilia Caroto, manager at the Sue Ryder charity shop in Huntingdon, said: "It was a really fantastic effort by everyone involved.

"The ladies from the WI did the most knitting, but lots of customers and our volunteers helped out also.

"We all enjoyed working on this, but we are really pleased that it is something that will be of benefit to the whole community as we raised £244 for Sue Ryder."

The scarf will now be taken apart and the wool will be used to make smaller items to sell in the shop.

Despite its tremendous length, it was still some way short of the longest examples ever made, one of which was made in Wales and measures in at a whopping 33 miles.