Ghost hunters find “paranormal activity” at Ramsey museum

Ramsey Rural Museum Ghost Hunters, (l-r) Becky Cooper, Clare Edgley and Gill Tilney

Ramsey Rural Museum Ghost Hunters, (l-r) Becky Cooper, Clare Edgley and Gill Tilney - Credit: Archant

GHOST hunters claim to have found paranormal activity at Ramsey Rural Museum after undertaking an investigation there last month.

Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators (CSI), a supernatural and paranormal research team, set up night-vision cameras, electromagnetic filters and sound recording equipment to observe spirits after museum volunteers said they felt uneasy in parts of the building.

The ghost-hunters said they recorded strange noises, captured images of a dark shadow and heard responses to questions through electromagnetic signals.

They do not believe that the museum is haunted but claimed that spirits are attached to the buildings – some date back to the 17th century – as well as some of the museum’s historical items.

Becky Cooper, 40, who is a founding member of CSI, said: “Buildings tend to be haunted when something traumatic has happen there, but what we think we have at the museum is due to the old buildings and historic items.

“Spirits will often visit an item or a place they like or are connected to.”

CSI, which is made up of 18 members, claims to have heard more than one voice at the museum, including a child giggling at night in the old school room.

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But while the investigators believe that the activity they saw and heard in Ramsey came from spirits, nine times out of 10 they admit there are other explanations.

Mrs Cooper, who works in the finance industry, said: “We get called in to a lot of private houses because people believe there is a presence.

“One of the most common explanations is central heating pipes when people hear a noise at the same time every night.

“Others complain of cold spots in the house but there are simple explanations like gaps in the windows. Some of our members are even non-believers.”

The group is based in Chatteris but has conducted other investigations in Huntingdonshire, such as when members visited the Old Ferry Boat pub, in Holywell, where they claim they made contact with a lady called Jennifer ... who did not know she was dead.

CSI will be holding a public investigation at Ramsey Rural Museum – a date has yet to be set – and is also booked to search for paranormal activity at the Commemoration Hall, in Huntingdon, in August.

INFORMATION: To see recordings of the group’s Ramsey investigation or to find out about planned events go to