Georgie’s story touches hearts

THE parents of a three-year-old girl have been told she is unlikely to survive past her 10th birthday because of a rare genetic �condition.

THE parents of a three year old tot have been told she is unlikely to survive past her 10th birthday after she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition.

Georgina Wyse, known to friends and family as Georgie, is just one of 500 people in the world to suffer from the neurological condition, which causes excessive vomiting, difficulty swallowing and poor co-ordination in sufferers.

She lost a third of her body weight over the course of five months before she was diagnosed with the condition, the result of an abnormality in the brain.

There is no known cure or treatment, and children with the infant form of the disease have a life expectancy of five to 10 years.

But mum Madeline, of Sweeting Avenue, Little Paxton, says her daughter has remained brave through it all.

She said: “Last October, she started to be sick. We were told it was reflux and doctors kept giving us infant Gaviscon. But I was not happy, because the weight was piling off.

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“Nothing stayed down, even if she took water it would come back up. It was difficult because we saw her everyday, we did not notice the weight piling off that quickly, but grandparents, they noticed a big difference.

“The doctor sent us through to hospital, and on April 23 she had an MRI scan. We were told she had Leukodystrophy. It is extremely rare and there are many different forms.

“Three weeks ago, it was diagnosed as a form of Leukodystrophy called Alexander Disease.”

In a bid to keep food down doctors have inserted a pump and peg into Georgie’s stomach and intestines.

She has gained weight and has started to attend Eaton Socon Pre-School, but Mrs Wyse, 30, and husband Ian, 32 have been told the toddler’s development will deteriorate.

Currently Georgie cannot walk or talk, and will eventually lose the ability to swallow.

Mrs Wyse, a teacher at Stevenage, said: “Considering what it has been like for Georgie, in and out of hospital with numerous tests, she does not seem to mind. She is a brave little girl.”

Touched by their ordeal, friend Gary Albone set up an appeal page through his website

It raised �375 in donations in just a matter of weeks which the family used to take Georgie for a weekend trip to Legoland.

Mr Albone of Peterborough says he is keen to raise more money for a Christmas gift for Georgie.

He said: “She is a lovely child and what she has gone through, no adult would have put up with.

“Ian and Maddy have had some very difficult times. I cannot imagine what they have been through, and they have got some difficult times to come.

“At least now they know there are people there who can help and hopefully understand what they are going through, rather than being on their own.”

Andy Soar of Nottingham-based company helped to run the appeal.

He said: “We are absolutely thrilled to give this special little girl the chance of a fantastic day at Legoland. Thanks to all who donated to this great cause.”

For more information and to donate towards Georgie’s Appeal go to

BRAVE LITTLE GIRL: Georgie Wyse, centre, suffers from a rare neurological condition which means she will be unlikely to live past her 10th birthday. With her are mum and dad Madeline and Ian.