The young and old came together to talk about the war and their share stories of their childhood.

The intergenerational tea party held at the Sawtry Old School Hall bought together the older community to give them a chance to remember World War Two.

Co-organiser and community development officer for Care Network Cambridgeshire Susan Bate said: “We thought it would be nice to give the older generation a chance to talk about their experiences.”

During the day the youngsters were given an activity pack to carry out with their elders which included stories from the war and a quiz that the groups could do together.

Everyone was given a chance to reminisce with artefacts from the past displayed by the Sawtry History Society.

“All those that came loved the day and were happy that they had the chance to share their stories of evacuation, events around Sawtry and meet the young people from Sawtry Junior School that were interested to hear about the war.”

The tea party was held after the organisation was given a grant by Cambridgeshire County Council to hold a World War Two event.