GENERAL ELECTION 2017: The candidates vying for your votes in Huntingdon

Candidates standing in the Huntingdon constituency.

Candidates standing in the Huntingdon constituency. - Credit: Archant

With the campaign for votes entering its final stages, we look at the five candidates who are standing for election in Huntingdon.

Dr Nik Johnson (Labour)

I am privileged to have a job which places me right at the heart of the local community, allowing me to meet, help and support people from all walks of life.

This Conservative government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation. The NHS and social care is in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts and cuts to police budgets are putting our safety at risk.

This general election is a simple choice between a Labour Party that stands up for all the people of Huntingdon - or a Conservative Party that only looks after the privileged few.

Patrick Kadewere, district councillor for Huntingdon North, said: “I welcome the election of Dr Nik Johnson. I have worked with him for five years on local causes dear to both of us and I know he will do an excellent job representing us in the House of Commons.”

Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative)

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I live in Alconbury with my wife Rebecca and our son and daughter, and I have been honoured to represent the constituency in parliament since 2001.

Huntingdonshire is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, which presents both opportunities and challenges.

Locally, I have been working, and will continue to work to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure, services and funding are provided alongside this growth.

We need this election now to secure the leadership that the United Kingdom needs to see us through Brexit and beyond; to lock in the economic progress we have made together.

Our Labour, Lib Dem and SNP opponents are already seeking to disrupt Brexit negotiations. This is in addition to the 27 European countries lining up to oppose us.

Their position can only mean one thing – uncertainty for the British people; bringing grave risk to our growing economy with higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt.

Your vote counts. It will count to strengthen Theresa May’s and the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit.

Your vote helps her secure the best deal to strengthen our economy, and helps us get on with the job of making life in the United Kingdom even better. So, the choice on June 8 is clear. It is a choice between Theresa May’s Conservative team providing strong and stable leadership for the United Kingdom, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by a floundering, weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn, that will put our nation’s future at risk.

Tom Maclennan (Green)

The mantra of “strong and stable leadership” rings daily in our ears, but to me it rings hollow. I cannot see any strength, only broken promises, callousness and marginalisation of the weakest in society, yet one thing remains constant; Huntingdon is a safe Conservative seat. I offer an alternative path.

Our NHS is deliberately starved of funds, justifying privatisation by stealth; causing crises in mental health and social care. Needless economic austerity has cut deeply.

Disabled people are denied rightful benefits by assessment companies, hired to meet targets and not their needs, while schools are denied necessary funding. Where is the stability?

While not a fan of the political structures of the EU, favouring a returning to European Free Trade Area, I believe hard Brexit is a disastrous gamble; diminishing our influence, when we act appallingly on the international stage and cosy up to a wayward White House, in the hands of a reality TV star.

As a 38-year-old science teacher, I despair at the assessment that half of all nature has been lost since I was born. The Green Party is the only one truly committed to the environment. We are dedicated to stand up for those who need help and for a better world. Our policies may seem more radical than other parties, but our world is in drastic need of radical thinking.

Think again about your vote. Will Huntingdon be taken for granted again? Forget slogans and vote for what you believe in, and if you believe in a better future; please vote Green.

Rod Cantrill (Liberal Democrat)

Huntingdon Liberal Democrats have selected businessman, father, Cambridge city councillor and former Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayoral candidate as their parliamentary candidate for Huntingdon.

Rod, who has lived in Cambridgeshire for 30 years, has a background in finance. He has run his own financial consulting business since 2003 and was first elected as a city councillor in 2004.

In the recent mayoral campaign, Rod fought for better public transport for the area, particularly in rural areas where many people feel isolated, more affordable housing and protecting health and adult social care.

Commenting on his selection, Rod said: “I am so proud that Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats have selected me to be their parliamentary candidate. Over the last few months as a candidate for mayor I have had the opportunity to speak to many residents across the area.

“They have told me that they are concerned about the lack of good quality affordable housing, the pressure on the NHS, particularly Hinchingbrooke Hospital, the impact of funding cuts on our local schools and the issue of congestion.

“They are also worried about the uncertainty and impact that Brexit will have on the area. If elected as MP, I will be a strong voice for residents on the issues that important to them including Brexit.”

Paul Bullen (UKIP)

I’m a retired Royal Air Force officer, former magistrate and have lived in Huntingdonshire since 1992.

I firmly believe that this election is about the future of our great country and that it should have nothing whatsoever to do with party politics. As a UKIP politician, I am not under a party whip like the old parties’ politicians are and am, therefore, truly independent and able to represent you rather than the party I belong to.

Make no mistake, the referendum only happened because of UKIP and UKIP is the only party who will continue to fight, in parliament, for the right deal for the UK.

During the referendum campaign, our current MP fought for us to remain in the EU and he still believes that we should. I do not trust him when it comes to voting on a Brexit deal that is the right one for the UK and he will, I’m sure, try to keep many pro-EU agreements in place. As the majority of our constituency voted to leave, we should have an MP who truly represents your views and not one who will oppose those views when it comes to voting in parliament.

As your MP, I will hold government to account, fight for the right Brexit deal for the UK - not the EU and, most importantly, represent you to the best of my ability. I want our country to be a free and independent nation again and I will ensure that it is.