GCSE Results 2020: Hinchingbrooke School

Hinchingbrooke School

Hinchingbrooke School - Credit: Archant

Hinchingbrooke School “thrilled” for its GCSE students despite the “really difficult year”.

A spokesman for the school said: “It has been a really difficult year and we are sad that our Year 11 students missed out on so many of their key milestones due to the pandemic.

“As such we are thrilled that they have been awarded their centre assessed grades this summer (and higher) and are able to move on to their next steps. Many students have received great grades which they thoroughly deserve and can be proud of.

“We are incredibly proud of all of our students for the way they handled what has been a difficult end to their KS4 career at Hinchingbrooke School.

“They were well on track to achieve amazing things before the lockdown and we are relieved that their hard work has been rewarded.

“We look forward to many returning to our sixth form in September and really showing us what they are made of.”

In the GCSE qualifications, 168 grade 9s were awarded and 23 Level 2 Distinction* in the BTEC courses.

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Individual subjects also fared exceptionally well including maths with 22 grade 9s and an impressive 25 per cent at 9-7; geography had 16 grade 9s and an outstanding 32 per cent at 9-7 and the individual sciences continued to see another impressive set of results including biology 9-7 achieving 59 per cent; chemistry 55 per cent and physics 57 per cent.

Other subjects which also performed well included sport BTEC with 32 per cent achieving a Level 2 Distinction*; dance BTEC with an impressive 46 per cent being awarded a Level 2 Distinction and music with 86 per cent achieving 9-5.

A small group of Year 11 cohort were entered for further maths (an additional GCSE qualification) and 64 per cent of them achieved a 9-7 grade.

As always there are some students worthy of a special mention:

Ben Chapman achieved an outstanding 11 grade 9s, one of which was further maths.

Ned Belchier was awarded eight grade 9s, two grade 8s (of which one was further maths) and one grade 7.

Maisie Isaac achieved eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and one 7

Charlotte Watson achieved six grade 9s, four grade 8s (one of which was further maths) and a 7.

Ellie Linnell achieved an impressive five grade 9s and six grade 8s (one of which was further maths).

Ruby Lee was awarded five grade 9s, five grade 8s and a 7 in further maths.

The school said: “Many students made amazing progress over the course of their secondary journey. Based on their final grades, the top 10 students with the greatest amount of progress from the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) to the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 11) are: Ola Saja; Emma Gladwin; Klaudia Luka; Lottie Chew; Angus Howatt; Ben Chapman; Ellen Hollinghurst, Emma Ralph; Tor Coles and Bethan McGregor.