Garden shed collapse puts Ramsey man in hospital


Ambulance - Credit: Archant

A man has been taken to hospital after a shed collapsed on him in a garden in Ramsey.

Paramedics, Magpas Helimedics and firefighters were called to the incident at 1.25pm today (September 20) to help the man, thought to be in his 40s, who was trapped under the collapsed shed.

The man had been dismantling the shed, measuring about six metres by nine metres, when the roof collapsed and fell onto his leg.

Emergency services worked together to stabilise the casualty before firefighters got to work stabilising the shed structure to ensure it would not collapse any further as they freed the man.

He suffered a broken leg and was taken to Peterborough City Hospital.

Karl Bowden, station commander for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This was a very large and heavy shed, which became structurally unsound while it was becoming dismantled.

“We would advise members of the public to think carefully before undertaking any DIY task and to consider the risks and think of ways to mitigate these if possible.”