GALLERY: Sun shines on Ramsey 1940s Weekend

RAMSEY turned the clock back to when the victory roll was not just an aerobatic move but a hair style and the skies were lit up searching for enemy bombers.

The sun shone down on the 11,000 vintage enthusiasts who turned up from all over the country turned up to the 10th 1940s weekend at the former anti-aircraft searchlight camp in Wood Lane to see period vehicle displays, fairground, a flight simulator, films and 1940s news reels.

Music was provided by Lola Lamour, Paul Casper, Peter Wayre, and Pete Baker as compere.

New for this year’s festival was a big top carnival tent with demonstrations, dance exhibitions and talks about the decade, and a dog show of 1940s breeds.

In the nights people continued the festivities in their 1940s clothing for the Blitz Night on Friday and the Big Band evening on Saturday with the Sticky Wicket Swing Band.

Jayne Mann, part of the 1940s committee, said: “When you think of all the events that have been cancelled so far because of the rain, we were extremely lucky - the weather gods were smiling on us.

“The 1940s hairdresser was a big hit and was fully booked all day giving people big curls. Back then they didn’t have the clothes we can buy now so women had to make the most of their hair and looked more glamourous.

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“We’re said to be in the top 10 of 1940s events in the country, which is where we want to be, bigger and better than the year before.”

Money raised from the weekend will go towards the renovation of the building on the site and to a charity which hasn’t been chosen yet.