GALLERY: Crowds watch as Passion Play returns to St Neots

St Neots Passion Play 2015

St Neots Passion Play 2015 - Credit: Archant

More than 1,000 people flocked to St Neots Market Square on Easter Sunday to watch an outdoor performance that depicted the last week in the life of Jesus Christ.

The ambitious project included an opening scene with Jesus, played by David Gower, walking over St Neots bridge into the town centre with a real donkey and culminated with the ‘crucifixion’ on the Market Square.

The St Neots Passion Play, which was first performed in 2010, was staged at various sites around the town and featured 15 actors, 30 singers, six dancers and 10 musicians from the St Neots Christian Performing Arts.

The production has been two years in the planning and director Simon Cooper said he was thrilled with the turnout and good feedback he has received.

“It went really well and we were thrilled by the number of people who turned out to watch,” he said.

“We lost a few people along the way, but most people stayed with it and were there for the final scene on the Market Square, which was bathed in sunshine, adding a surreal glow to the performance.

“We have already had some good feedback on Facebook, which is really encouraging.”

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Mr Cooper said there had been some challenges in preparing for the huge venture as the performers moved around five outdoor sites in the town to act out the dramatic scenes when Jesus is betrayed and finally crucified.

“There were some logistical challenges in setting up road closures and all the other organisational issues involved, and it was difficult to prepare on the day because we had limited time, but the production team did a wonderful job and the donkey behaved itself.

“We have been rehearsing since Christmas and the fundraising and organisation takes around two years so although it would be nice to make it an annual event I think every five years is about right.”