Future of swingers’ club will be settled at appeal hearing

Tease Club, Alconbury Truck Stop

Tease Club, Alconbury Truck Stop - Credit: Archant

The owner of a swingers’ club in Alconbury will fight to the end to keep the business going as he awaits the outcome of a high court bid that could see him evicted.

Stewart Hobbs opened the doors to Tease II club in 2011 at the Alconbury Truckstop, in Rusts Lane, but, after hosting years of party nights, the club could shut for good.

In August 2013 Mr Hobbs was served an eviction notice by then truckstop owners the Heys Group, which, at the time, had plans to redevelop the site, but despite this, he has fought to keep the club, and the 16-bed hotel which accommodates it, open.

After losing a court appeal in August last year, Mr Hobbs, 50, is now waiting for a ruling from the Court of Appeal, which is expected later this month, to determine the future of the venue.

“I didn’t want to just walk away from the work that I had put into the club and the hotel.

“If we win then I will keep the hotel and run it as a straight hotel and then we will get someone else to run the club,” Mr Hobbs told The Hunts Post.

However, if the court decides that Mr Hobbs and his team have to leave the premises, he has vowed to walk away from the scene.

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“I opened this club up to be somewhere between a swingers’ club and an adult nightclub without the drunkenness. It will be sad for it to close as there are some brilliant people we have met but the whole operation just drains you with all of the promotion and getting it ready three times a week.”

Despite the pending court ruling, Mr Hobbs said he has already had offers from people wanting to take over the running of Tease II.

“Hundreds of people have spoken to me saying they want to run the club but I have had eight or nine real approaches.”

Prior to the outcome of the case, Mr Hobbs has stripped the club of its furniture and closed it to allow for a refurbishment – but only if he is allowed to stay at the premises.

However, the hotel is still open and is fully booked with customers.

The temporary closure of the club has already been met with disappointment from those who attended many of its nights.

“We still have members that turn up at the weekend asking when we are going to open the club. Many are morbid about its closure as it is local to them,” said Mr Hobbs.

Before closing the club in August, Mr Hobbs, from Market Deeping, said he had around 8,500 members who signed up to be a part of its nights.

Mr Hobbs previously ran Club Tease in Over, South Cambridgeshire, which was closed down in 2010 by police and council officers after he was served with a court warrant for a breach of planning control on the land.

If he loses the court battle, Mr Hobbs says he could be left with a bill totalling about £200,000.

The new owner of the truckstop, Maritime Transport Group, did not respond to requests for comment.