A group of four friends from Ramsey Golf Club have raised more than £2,000 for charity, after playing their sport for 24-hours straight.

Joshua Hull, 26, and fellow club members Oliver Wright, 23, Paul Hodgkin, 26, and James Else, 36, took to the course on June 30 where they started their challenge at 5.07pm.

“We all completed it which I was quite surprised at because one of the guys bailed halfway through last time so he did well to complete it,” Josh said.

“We’re all now physically and mentally drained and I’m still not back to sleeping properly. It feels like jetlag.”

The group played throughout the night and all of the following day, finally putting their clubs down at 5.20pm on July 1.

“We were alright all the way through, but the night was horrible. From about 11pm till it got light it chucked it down, so it was pretty grim, but we had torches and members came out and supported us.

“It was a relief when we finished. We went and had a few beers and then all of us were asleep by 8pm that night.”

The money will be split between the team’s four chosen charities – the MS Therapy Centre in Huntingdon, Blind UK, Sue Ryder Care, and Prostate Cancer UK.

And the group are even planning their next fundraising venture.

“We might do something a little bit more extreme,” Josh added.

“We’re trying to find out what the world record is for the number of rounds played in a day.”