Vital funds have been given to Hunts Society for the Blind to help with its need for more space.

A cheque for £10,000 was presented to the organisation from the Huntingdon Freemen's Trust to put towards the cost of the renovation of its building in St Mary's Street, Huntingdon.

Fundraising co-ordinator Tanya Forster said: "It is amazing that we have been given this money from the Freeman's Trust, we are all very happy and grateful.

"It will help us a long way towards the £75,000 that we need to develop the building as we are gradually running out of space."

The work is expected to start in the next couple of months will see an extension on the existing building with more office and storage space being added.

Chairman of the Freeman's Trust Richard Hough said: "This cause is very deserving project which is why we chose to donate the organisation."