Hinchingbrooke Hospital staff say they were very grateful to recieve some free meals.

A restaurant in St Neots had delivered some free meals to NHS staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

The Olive Indian restaurant, in Eynesbury, wanted to show its appreciation of frontline staff.

The owner of the restaurant, Abul Chowdhury, said: “After reading a previous article in The Hunts Post had written about a St Neots Bear Hunt which had taken place to raise money for NHS staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, I wanted to do our bit and give back, as we are already helping local hospitals and care homes.

“We wanted to cheer people up and to say ‘thank you’ for all the hard work with an award-winning range of dishes, warm and freshly prepared.”

A total of 20 free meals were provided to Hinchingbrooke Hospital, nurse Gabi Lane-Brown who works on the Bay Tree ward, said: “It was extremely generous and tremendously appreciated. It was so wonderful to have some real food to look forward to during a long hard shift. It’s nice knowing that we really are appreciated by the community.”

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