Student fundraising supports foodbank

St Peter's students at Godmanchester Foodbank

St Peter's students at Godmanchester Foodbank which they have been supporting - Credit: St Peter's School

Fundraising activities at St Peter's School in Huntingdon have given a boost of almost £1,000 to Godmanchester Foodbank.

A group of Year 8 students took part in a series of charity events including sponsored activities, a no social media day and a cake sale to support the foodbank, collecting £988.

Teacher Ryan Johnson said: "It has been amazing really and the school is very pleased with what they have done.

"The students chose Godmanchester Foodbank as it is a charity that helps the local community in which they live. It is also a charity that helps with families that will rely heavily on Foodbanks this Christmas."

He said the first activity involved the students taking part in a sponsored activity of their choice, with some holding a sponsored walk and others  a "no social media day".

Mr Johnson said: "The second activity saw the students organise a charity film night after school. The students were able to organise the majority of this on their own, which included visiting tutor groups to advertise the event and creating a virtual announcement through an assembly.

"The final event took a lot of time and planning over several weeks. Students were tasked to create posters to post around the school, create a virtual assembly explaining the why the cake sale was happening, order food from a local supermarket and practice baking cakes."

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Mr Johnson said the students had worked "tirelessly" to raise the money and the school was proud of their achievement.