St Neots foodbank has seen an increase in demand during pandemic but says it is “manageable”

St Neots Foodbank volunteer Carolyn Wylie

St Neots Foodbank volunteer Carolyn Wylie - Credit: Archant

Adapting to a new way of working has meant the St Neots Foodbank has been able to distribute up to 25 food parcels a week to those in need.

The foodbank closed all its distribution centres on March 24 due to Government restrictions, but was allowed to remain in operation as it is considered an “essential service”.

“To keep our volunteers and the public as safe as possible we swiftly moved to a home delivery model where parcels are now packed in cardboard boxes and delivered directly to recipients homes by a team of drivers,” said Adrienne Dunn

“Drivers and recipients maintain safe social distancing through the protocols we have set up. We are currently operating with our trained volunteers.

The foodbank says it has seen an increase in individuals and families needing food, but this has “been manageable”.

“We would like to thank the public for their ongoing generous support in donations of food and financial help. This along with the support we have received from our partner supermarkets has and will enable us to continue to feed those in need in the St Neots area.

INFO: Anyone who needs support can approach a voucher holder they have used before or contact the foodbank on: 01480 475426 or email: