Godmanchester foodbank and store deliver school meals

Hannah Tuck, Member Pioneer for the Godmanchester Co-Op and Joseph George, a volunteer at the Godmanchester FoodBank.

Hannah Tuck, Member Pioneer for the Godmanchester Co-Op and Joseph George, a volunteer at the Godmanchester FoodBank. - Credit: Hannah Tuck

Godmanchester Foodbank delivered more than 30 meals in the May half term as part of a joint project with the town's Co-op store. 

Hannah Tuck, member pioneer for the Godmanchester Co-Op, also contributed ingredients for the meals.  

Godmanchester FoodBank 

Godmanchester FoodBank and the Co-Op's school meal hampers - Credit: Hannah Tuck

Joseph George, a volunteer at the foodbank said: “We have been blessed with funding from Huntingdonshire District Council to give this exciting opportunity after a very difficult time during the Covid19 pandemic.” 

“Over a month of planning and organising has led to 30 hampers being delivered to three Godmanchester schools and their families to learn, cook and eat together in our new electric van.  

“The hampers contained all of the ingredients with two pieces of essential kitchen equipment to be able to create a two-course meal and drink."

Recipe Cards 

Recipe Cards - Credit: Hannah Tuck

The Co-op contributed towards some of the ingredients, plus providing 30 hamper bags, wooden spoons and recipe magazines. 

From their first meeting Hannah and Joe talked about how they could together provide a more sustainable, impactful and fun way of making a difference to children and their families; recipe cards were professionally designed and printed including QR codes take the children to online videos and Information to help them.  

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Labels were made for the hampers to show the children that by sharing their culinary skills on the Godmanchester Foodbank Facebook page they would be entered into a chef competition.   

Hannah Tuck said: “Many thanks to the lovely volunteers and Holly at Godmanchester Baptist Church; the home of the foodbank who helped to pack, co-ordinate and deliver the Hampers.  

“Heartfelt thanks Joseph George Foodbank project manager for having faith to work with me, together we made this happen.

“It's been very rewarding to be able to provide such a wonderful initiative in our community. We look forward to the children’s feedback on this first pilot; enabling us hopefully begin planning a wider community roll out to Huntingdon schools in the summer holidays!  

“We are looking for a supplier partner for essential kitchen equipment, so if you would like to join us in this project let us know!”