Flooding fears at site of planned housing development in Brampton


Brampton - Credit: Archant

New homes planned for a site in Brampton will generate access problems, a resident has warned.

Noel Anderson, from Oak Drive, said the 150 homes being built by Bellway, were also on land which was prone to flooding.

The Hunts Post reported last week how national housebuilder Bellway had applied to Huntingdonshire District Council to build the one to five-bedroomed homes on land near Dorling Way. Outline permission for development has already been granted by the council.

Mr Anderson, 83, said: “A lot of people objected at the time the outline permission was given, but it was ignored.”

He said the single access to the site was insufficient to deal with extra traffic generated by the development and passed a children’s playground which was a major safety risk.

Mr Anderson said a separate entrance to the land could have been created from the old Thrapston Road.

He also pointed out the social housing element would be at the far end of the site and was close to the new A14 junction which would be noisy.

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Mr Anderson said there was a need to build new housing and development could not be stopped, but questioned whether the development was right for the site.

“The land there has been flooded in the last five or six years and the field in question acts as a soakaway for the area,” he said. “If you put 150 houses on it, where is the water going to go?”

Gordon Gemmell, of Belle Isle Crescent, wrote to The Hunts Post saying the developers had presented a “rosy picture” of the new homes and the £2 million in-community investment it would bring.

He said although he accepted extra housing may be required in the area, the district council needed to take into account the impact of the scheme, including on the doctors’ surgery, flooding and noise, together with traffic in the congested High Street.

Mr Gemmell said that only about £300,000 of the Community Infrastructure Levy from the £2 million would go to the parish council to mitigate the impact of development.

He said councillors may have approved outline plans but had a responsibility to represent the views of residents when considering the full plan.

Chris Edginton, marketing director at Bellway’s northern home counties division, told The Hunts Post that Brampton was a “fantastic” location and they wanted the houses to sit well in their surroundings.