Five-year Hunts ASBO on drunken menace

A 41-YEAR-OLD man risks up to five years in jail if he turns up drunk in public anywhere in Huntingdonshire in the next five years.

Magistrates last week imposed a five-year anti-social behaviour order on Craig Goddard, of no fixed abode, at the request of Chief Constable Simon Parr.

It means that, until May 9, 2016, Goddard is prohibited from having an open container of alcohol in any public place in Huntingdonshire, except when in a licensed premise, from being drunk in any public place in the district of Huntingdonshire, and from remaining in any shop, hospital, commercial or licensed premises in Huntingdonshire if asked to leave.

Sgt Dave Bax, anti-social reduction officer for the division that includes Huntingdonshire, told The Hunts Post that the order was intended to protect people from Goddard – the time for trying to help him had passed.

He added: “Goddard has been involved in numerous acts of anti-social behaviour while under the influence of drink.

“His behaviour has caused alarm and distress to people in shops, and takeaways in Huntingdon and St Neots. He has assaulted and abused members of staff, including females, and has even abused and threatened people who are only trying to help him.

“The court has sent out a strong message to Goddard by placing a five-year order on him, and making it for the whole of Huntingdonshire.”

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If Goddard breaches any of these prohibitions, he can be arrested and would face up to five years in prison, Sgt Bax added.

Neighbourhood policing teams are delivering a poster with a picture of Goddard and setting out the terms of the order to all shops and other premises in their areas to make sure that people are protected, he said.

INFORMATION: Anyone with information about any breach of the ASBO should call 0345 4564564 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, or contact a member of the neighbourhood policing team or local police station.