Firm in St Neots celebrates defibrillator campaign

VDM in St Neots celebrates successful defibrillator campaign.

VDM celebrates successful defibrillator campaign. - Credit: VDM

Two life-saving defibrillators have been installed in St Neots after a fundraising campaign by local business Velocity Design and Marketing.

The Brook Street firm was moved to take action after Danish footballer collapsed with a near fatal cardiac arrest at the Euro 2020 tournament last year and wanted to protect people and businesses in the St Mary's Church area of the town.

They said heart failure was something they felt strongly about since staff had loved ones affected by the issue and they set a target of £2,999 towards buying the machines.

VDM staff and other local business owners spent Valentine’s Day learning how to administer CPR and use a defibrillator after the firm raised enough money for two external defibrillator units.

Nicola Cooper, community training and engagement officer at emergency charity Magpas, spent an hour teaching them how the units are used.

Emma Duker, from VDM, said: "After receiving incredible support from local businesses and St Neots Round Table, the initial fundraising target was smashed through, meaning that a second unit can now be purchased.

"Brook House on Brook Street is the location for the first unit and the location of the second unit will be decided this month."

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She said contributing businesses which took part included Lattice Labels, Adlam & Coomber Optometrist, St Neots Parish Church, Black Cat radio and Bennett and Lorusso estate agents.

Emma said they were close to numerous businesses and households which would benefit from access to the unit and that there had been three heart-related incidents in the area since starting the campaign.

The Just Giving page is open until February 25 for donations which would go towards replacement pads for the units.

In the time since our initial letter was sent out there have been 3 heart attacks in the St Marys Church area (that we know about) - one incident outside the old peoples home, one in the car park of Brook House, and one on the road outside of Brook House that was, very sadly, fatal. We are greatly hurt by this, and cannot help but think that had there been a defibrillator at hand, a life could have been saved.