Firefighters rescue stranded ducklings from St Neots roof

watch commander Rob Cowling with the rescued ducklings

watch commander Rob Cowling with the rescued ducklings - Credit: Archant

FIREFIGHTERS re-united a “distressed” mother duck with her ducklings today after they had become stuck on a roof in St Neots.

A crew from St Neots station arrived at the three-storey building in Market Square just before 9am to find a nest of ducklings stuck on the roof.

The mother was on the ground with some of her offspring when the firefighters arrived at the scene, seemingly having made their own way down.

Firefighters used a ladder to help the stranded ducklings to safety.

Rob Cowling, watch commander, said: “We arrived at the incident to find a very distressed mother duck on the ground, with some other ducklings. It seems they had managed to fall from the roof and travel down some ducting, but land safely.

“We set up a ladder as close as we could to the nest on the roof and assisted the ducklings to safety. The mother has since led them all to the nearby river.”