FOUR sheep were rescued from a river next to Port Holme Meadow on Monday afternoon (September 2).

Sheep rescued from riverSheep rescued from river

Two fire engines and a rescue vehicle from Huntingdon were sent to Waters Meet, Huntingdon, at 3.15pm after passers by spotted the sheep stuck in the water.

Eddie Theaker, watch commander at Huntingdon, said: "Four sheep got separated from their flock and went in search of water. The sheep got stuck in an area of river.

"Passers by did the right thing by not going in the water to save the sheep and instead called the fire service that deployed in-water and animal technicians to bring the sheep safely to land.

"We would always encourage people to call the fire service if they see animals stuck or in distress, and never to attempt to rescue the animals themselves."

Sheep rescued from riverSheep rescued from river

Crews returned to their stations by 4.20pm.

It is believed that the sheep, along with a herd of cows, had been placed in the field in the days preceding the rescue.