Fire service strike continues with dog rescue in Huntingdonshire

Firefighters with Ollie after the rescue.

Firefighters with Ollie after the rescue. - Credit: Archant

Firefighters have been called to one incident in Huntingdonshire during the strike period so far.

At 2.32pm on Saturday (November 1), two fire crews were called to rescue a dog which had fallen down a manhole while chasing a ball on the former RAF Upwood base.

They hoisted the 12-month-old German Shepherd, called Ollie, out of the 4ft by 3ft wide and 10ft deep space by 3.27pm.

Group commander Callum Faint said: “RAF Upwood is an area of concern for the emergency services as there are numerous hazards on the site. A number of manhole covers have been removed from the base, leaving gaping holes for unsuspecting animals - or even humans - to fall in to. We know it is a popular place for dog walkers so we would urge the public to be aware of the hazards and consider exercising dogs in other locations where there is less risk of both owner and animal getting injured.

“This owner did the right thing by contacting the fire service and not attempting a rescue themselves, which could have resulted in them getting injured. The owner was very helpful throughout the rescue process in remaining calm and keeping the dog relaxed.”

The industrial action - which began at 6pm on Friday and will run until 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday) – coincided with other incidents across the county.

Between 6pm on Friday and 8.30pm on Saturday, firefighters attended nine false alarms, two road traffic collisions which required no action by the fire service, one car fire in March, and one road traffic collision in Wisbech where a casualty had to be freed.

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From 8.30am and 6pm on Saturday, they went to 11 false alarms, a bin fire in Wisbech, and freed children from a swing in Longstanton.

Meanwhile, from 5.30pm on Saturday to 9.30am on Sunday, they attended five false alarms, a road traffic collision in Sawston, two incidents of trees on fire, one bin fire and a fire in the open.

In addition, between 9.30am and 5.45pm on Sunday, they were called to two false alarms and one fire in the open.

From 5.30pm on Sunday and 7.30am on Monday, they attended six false alarms and rescued a dog in Little Thetford.

Between 7.30am and 4pm on Monday, they attended four false alarms, and released a woman whose hand was stuck in a revolving door at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

From 4pm on Monday and 8.15am on Tuesday, firefighters attended 10 false alarms and one road traffic collision which did not require action.

Chief fire officer Graham Stagg said: “We’re advising families to attend professionally organised firework displays rather than setting fireworks off in their garden. If you choose to have fireworks at home, please be extra careful because if something goes wrong, we’re likely to be delayed in attending because of our reduced cover across the county.

“So please, make friends and family aware of the impact the industrial action could have on them should a fire start, and urge them to take extra care on the road, in the home and when out enjoying the festivities.”

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