Firefighters got their sponges and hose reels out earlier this month to raise funds for the Fire Fighters Charity.

St Ives and Huntingdon stations took part in Cambridgeshire Fire Rescue Service's annual car wash.

The crews spent several hours cleaning muddy cars, 4x4s, and event a Mustang GT Convertible and an Aston Martin.

Watch commander Phil Thacker, from St Ives Fire Station, said: "We had lots of cars; a muddy Land Rover, even a Mustang GT Convertible and an Aston Martin - but we were a bit nervous cleaning those so we put the brushes down for those two and just used sponges."

Huntingdon firefighters saw a steady stream of cars go through their station, raising more than £800 on the day.

Firefighter Leon Collins, who organised the car wash, said: "It went fantastically well. Last year we raised about £400 and I think part of the reason we did so well this year was because the event was on the local radio every day for a week beforehand."