Firefighters battled a blaze at a home in St Neots after a resident left a candle burning on a windowsill today (Thursday).

The inside of the property. Picture: CAMBS FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE.The inside of the property. Picture: CAMBS FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE.

One crew from Huntingdon and one crew from St Neots were called to Knights Court, Priory Road, at 9.53am.

A neighbour had called the fire service after seeing a fire in a ground floor flat. When firefighters arrived it was not known if anyone was inside the property, which was locked, so crews entered and checked the flat with a thermal imaging camera to see if anyone was inside.

They extinguished the fire and cleared smoke from the property by 10.30pm. Crews returned to their stations by 11.50am.

Firefighter Andy Jones, from St Neots Fire Station, said: “The resident had left a candle burning on the windowsill of the living room while they went out for a walk and the curtains had caught fire, spreading throughout the property.

“Whether you are lighting candles for decorative purposes, using them to make your home smell nice, or as a source of lighting, it is important you never leave them unattended. Always place them on an even surface away from flammable materials like curtains, and extinguish them before leaving the house.”