Find out where homes could be built in next 20 years


Fenstanton - Credit: Archant

Where 21,000 homes will be built in Huntingdonshire


Sawtry - Credit: Archant


Huntingdon Market Square

Huntingdon Market Square - Credit: Archant

IN Huntingdon there is space highlighted for more than 2,160 houses – the majority south of Ermine Street.

St Ives Market

St Ives Market - Credit: Archant

More than 30 hectares of land north of Ermine Street is allocated for mixed use development and includes plans for 400 homes, which means land owner St John’s College, part of Cambridge University, has the choice of carrying on with its Washingley Farm Business Park proposal or, in the future, coming forward with a mixed-use development.

On the other side of Ermine Street, a development of 1,050 homes, 1,000 sq m of retail space, a pub or restaurant, a primary school and community facilities is included in the plan.

The plan also features a further 210 houses in California Road, 55 homes and a primary school or early years facility at the former forensic science laboratory site in Hinchingbrooke, 70 homes south of Fern Court, in Stukeley Road, about 45 properties on the Cambridgeshire police headquarters’ playing field, and 200 homes as well as shops and a long stay car park between George Street and Ermine Street.

There is also room allocated for 20 houses at the fire station site in Hartford Road subject to the station being relocated, 14 homes at HDC’s Pathfinder House headquarters’ car park, 10 homes at the Red Cross and Spiritualist Church next to the ring road, and 20 homes at the former gas depot in Mill Common.

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Plans for a mixed-use development at Tyrell’s Marina, in Bridge Place, has space for 15 homes and commercial uses, with an extra 25 dwellings off Main Street, Hartford, and another with 50 homes at the back of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, are also included in the document.


AS well as Wintringham Park and Loves Farm East, St Neots is set for almost 200 further homes.

Land at the Loves Farm Reserved Site, between the railway line and the current homes, has been highlighted as space for 41 homes, the former Youth Centre in Priory Road has room for approximately 14 houses, and land in Huntingdon Street for 125 homes.

A 0.25 hectares site for employment and space for 14 homes on the fire station site and neighbouring vacant land is also included.

Any development of the fire station would not begin before details of an alternative fire station site has been agreed with HDC.

Land at the former Huntingdonshire Regional College site, next to Longsands Academy, has space for 50 homes and half-a-hectare of land for supported housing, a community facility or employment space.

There are also allocated spaces for a mixed-use development (40 homes and retail space) at St Mary’s Urban Village – between High Street and Brook Street – and 20 homes on the Sealed Air Corporation car park in Cromwell Road.

No land in Little Paxton has been included.


THE St Ives West development remains a possibility, making up 500 of the 600 homes outlined for St Ives.

The town will also see 1.2 hectares of land allocated to supported housing at a former Vauxhall car showroom, in London Road, as well as five hectares of land for employment development at Giffords Farm off Somersham Road.

Further potential housing development spaces have been highlighted at the Vindis car showroom (50 homes) on the edge of St Ives and St Ives Football Club (50 homes) in Westwood Road.


THE Fairfield Partnership’s 750-home development Bearscroft Farm, in Godmanchester, forms part of the plan, having been identified in 2009.

Godmanchester could also have 15 more houses on Wigmore Farm, Silver Street, as well as 35 on land north of Clyde Farm, again off Silver Street, and 70 homes at the RGE Engineering site in The Avenue, although part of the car park will have to be retained as a public parking space.


RAMSEY Gateway, near St Mary’s Road, is allocated for approximately 90 homes, with a further 125 houses at the High Lode site.

Land in Field Road has been put forward as space for 90 homes and just under a hectare of land in Whytefield Road, next to Ramsey Community Junior School, has been identified for 35 homes.

RAF Upwood has been included with space for 160 homes and two hectares set aside for employment land with a clause that any development “enables the character of the historic RAF use to be maintained”.


THE RAF base development for 400 homes, 3.2 hectares of employment land, 400 sq m of retail space and community facilities remains the main focus for development in this village.

Land at Park View Garage, Buckden Road, is allocated for light industrial use.


THE former Dairy Crest site is highlighted for about 90 houses, 0.5 hectares of employment land, a village hall or other community facility and open space.

The nearby land off Cambridge Road, north of the current A14, could be used for a village hall or community facility as well as 65 homes.

Ivy Nursery, Cambridge Road, is seen as an appropriate location for 30 houses.


LAND west of Station Road is allocated for 20 houses and land adjacent to Bicton Industrial Estate is included for extension of the site.


NEARLY four hectares of land east of Glebe Farm, in Gidding Road, is included for approximately 75 homes, land west of St Andrew’s Way is allocated for 50 homes, with a further 20 houses included south of St Andrew’s Way.

Employment land has been allocated at land east of Brookside, north of Black Horse Industrial Estate and at Bill Hill Way.


THE village football club’s site has been included as a mixed-use development for 50 homes on the pitch and surrounding site, with public open space on the Pond Close part of the site.

The development would be subject to the club moving to Chatteris Road, with a clubhouse and covered stands for the main ground.

Elsewhere The Pasture could be used for 20 homes and land north of the Bank has been highlighted for 50 homes.


ABOUT 70 homes could be built on land south of Farrier’s Way with another 45 homes west of Ramsey Road, south of Longsands Close, and 14 homes on land south of 64 High Street.


LAND at Askew’s Lane is considered suitable for 15 homes while 2.3 hectares of land on the former Snowcap Mushrooms site in Mere View is seen as a possibility for around 60 homes.

Yax Pax, in Broadway, is allocated for employment development.