More baby girls than boys born in January, figures reveal

183 babies were born at the hospital in January.

183 babies were born at the hospital in January. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A whopping four sets of twins were born at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in January

Hinchingbrooke Hospital maternity figures. PICTURE: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Hinchingbrooke Hospital maternity figures. PICTURE: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust - Credit: Archant

At Hinchingbrooke Hospital there was a whopping four sets of twins born in January this year, the trust has reported.

Figures released by the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust have revealed that in January there were 183 births, fourteen more births than in January the previous year.

Nearly 100 girls were born this year which was more births than boys, 96 were girls and 87 were boys.

In January 2019 nearly 100 boys were born, 98 were boys and 73 were girls.

The busiest day of the month was January 7, with 9 babies being born, whereas last year January 3 was the busiest day, where 10 babies were born.

There were more babies born at home this year, there was only 1 baby born at home last year.

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There was roughly a 10 per cent increase in natural births that occurred this year, which was more than half.

Eight mothers opted for water births this year, where as there was only 2 last January.

There was double the amount of babies born in the Primrose Suite than January 2019, where 15 babies were born.

Less mothers chose to breastfeed this year, as in January 2019 79 per cent did, however in this year it was 70 percent.

The amount of Emergency C Sections dropped by 6 per cent this year to 20 per cent.

Elective C Sections also dropped by 5.6 per cent this January where only 9.4 per cent opted for one.

The amount of assisted births roughly stayed the same, 12 per cent in January 2019.

Roughly a third of mothers were induced for labour, whereas in January 2019 33.14 per cent were induced.

Theresa McCarthy, Matron for maternity services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, said: "January was a busy month for our maternity department.

Our midwives helped deliver 183 babies including 4 sets of twins!

"We began putting our maternity figures on social media in May 2019 and the response from parents has been incredible.

It is heart-warming to read the comments each month as women and their partners share their stories and experiences of our maternity unit.

As a midwife it is always a privilege to support new parents as they welcome the new addition to their family and begin a new chapter in their lives.

No matter how many babies you have delivered, each time is as special as the last."