Concerns raised about increase in lorries if plan goes ahead

Villagers in Alconbury are concerned about more noise from lorries after plans for expansion of a lorry park were announced.

Villagers in Alconbury are concerned about more noise from lorries after plans for expansion of a lorry park were announced. - Credit: ARCHANT

Upgraded facilities to a lorry park at Alconbury are being recommended for approval, despite concerns from local residents who are worried about disturbance  - including bottles containing urine being dumped in gardens.

People living near the site at Rusts Lane say traffic through the community has increased around the clock since work started on the A14 and A1 improvements and fear the situation is likely to worsen. 

Transport firm Maritime wants to demolish a petrol station and build a welfare and office building, together with other facilities, on an adjacent site to the lorry park, which it took over in 2016.

The plan is being recommended for approval by Huntingdonshire District Council’s development management committee. HDC has received objections, including comments from the parish council.

Alconbury councillor, Ian Gardener, "called in” the application for discussion on the grounds that it would affect residents - but said a travel plan to use the A1307 and not the B1043 could be acceptable.

The secretary of Lordsway Park Residents Association, in Alconbury, told the council: “Since the new A1/A14 work was completed the number of vehicles using the B1043 alongside our homes has increased over a 24-hour period. This application could make this worse. 
“Bottles of urine have been discarded on the roadside and it is only a matter of time before one lands in someone’s garden.”

The association said: “Along with the parish council and county council we are trying to get heavy vehicles stopped from using the B1043 and to use the A1307/A141 instead and this should apply to vehicles to and from Alconbury Weald.”

A report to the committee said: “The main element of the proposal is to replace an existing petrol filling station with a building to house offices in connection with the operation of the lorry park and facilities for the drivers. The application is not for the lorry park itself but for facilities that would be ancillary to the lorry park operation.
“The proposal involves the demolition of the petrol filling station and replacement with a new two storey building and associated development including new car parking spaces, smoking and cycle shelters, lorry washdown area and diesel fuelling area. The existing motel/hotel has already been demolished.”

The report made clear that any discussion on the routing of lorries was outside of its remit.