Father of two who was given months to live has smashed his fundraising target raising £22,000.

Steve and his family on their family holiday

Steve and his family on their family holiday - Credit: Archant

A Huntingdon man who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour has raised thousands of pounds to fund a “last chance” course of treatment.

Steve Green and family launched a bid to raise £22,000 to fund a consultation with doctors in Germany on February 13, and managed to reach the total inside a week.

Mr Green was diagnosed with glioblastoma grade four brain tumour earlier this year, with doctors giving him only months to live.

The 33-year-old set up the Just Giving to fund a trip to Germany to see if he can qualify for immunotherapy.

Mr Green said: “It took me quite a while to even start the page. The recent news we had with regards to my health really knocked me back. It has done the same to the family, my beautiful wife and my two children.

“It has put life into perspective for all of us. We have had a pretty bad few years, but at the same time it’s been the most memorable, more good than bad.

“We’ve had the best day ever, getting married and having a family holiday that no-one could ever forget.”

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Steve was diagnosed with a stage two brain tumour in 2015, after having a seizure at work. His tumour then grew to a stage four, which is said to be incurable.

Steve said: “Since being diagnosed three years ago life has been on big roller coaster, full of ups and downs.

“As a family we have tried to carry on as normal and best we can. We have decided to share this with everyone we can as we are still holding on to a little hope.

“Immunotherapy has had amazing results but unfortunately comes at a huge price and is not available on the NHS or in the country, which is our last chance really.

“So once again we go back up and down. The treatment is only available at the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Germany.

“The treatment is said to prolong lives considerably and has been known to put some cancers previously diagnosed and incurables like mine into complete readmission.”

Steve has now raised the money for the consultation, meaning he can visit Germany and see if he can qualify for the treatment.

He said: “I cannot believe how generous people have been towards me, even people that don’t know me. It just really shows how kind some people can be.”