Family pay touching tribute to Huntingdon cyclist Graham Shaw who died in crash before Christmas

The family of a cyclist who died after a crash with a coach a little over a week before Christmas have said he was “loving, intelligent and hardworking”.

Graham Shaw, of Kestrel Close, Hartford, was cycling towards Earith on December 16 when he involved in the crash on the B1381, Chain Causeway. The 29-year-old, who worked at iForce in Sutton, was taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, where he later died.

In a tribute, his family said: “Graham Peter Kenneth Shaw was born in April 1985 and was a man who was intensely interested in a broad range of things from a very early age.

“Throughout his childhood he would sit for ages, taking his toys apart and putting them back together again. There was always that one little piece left on the table when he finished but he would patiently keep trying. During family holidays Graham became very good at skiing and ice skating. He would use in-line roller skates to skate to school.

“Every morning he would skate to the house of his partner and skate alongside her on her bicycle to their school at Hinchingbrooke. He got up to mischief with his friends in scouts, and after this joined Sea Cadets in Huntingdon with his sister.

“Where he participated in and enjoyed all the activities, particularly sailing, kayaking, canoeing and rowing. Graham was very tall and he had to bob his head when going through doorways, he also had to watch out for low flying light fittings. Graham thoroughly enjoyed his food, so keeping fit and active by cycling to work was very important to him. Graham was often seen in his shorts, sandals and sunglasses – whatever the weather. His trade mark striped feet were a constant source of amusement.

“At school he was very keen on Maths, IT and Pottery and, in later life Graham seemed to be able to turn his hand to anything. He could cook, he made origami cranes and did cross-stitch, making cards and cushions for other people. He learned to knit when he was younger and he collected cat fur for years, determined to knit a scarf out of it, but never quite got round to it. Graham became a dedicated game player, playing increasingly complex games and pitching his wits against a community of people who also enjoyed time spent with virtual friends across the country.

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“Graham’s career saw him build up his knowledge, skills and experience. He started work on the fish counter in Sainsbury’s when he was in Sixth Form. When he left school he worked at DHL in Godmanchester before moving onto Cath Kidston. He then moved to Fortnum & Mason, where he became planning and productivity manager, later the company was incorporated into iForce. Very accomplished technically, Graham successfully managed the transition to a new warehousing system. Technology featured outside of work as well, with his family knowing who they could rely on to fix their computers when needed.”

They added: “Graham and his partner of 13 years, who he was due to marry in October of this year, shared their home with their two Burmese cats. Graham loved cats, having had them in his family all his life and he enjoyed training them. Graham was extremely good with animals. His laid back persona lent itself to being patient, calm and confident with them. Jasper and Petal would fetch on command but, although Graham taught them a lot, they never got the hang of the command to ‘stop’! Recently Graham baked his partner a cake for her birthday and, in an attempt to avoid the crowds, cycled to Tesco’s at midnight to get her a bunch of flowers and a birthday card. Faced with a complete lack of suitable birthday cards he bought Christmas cards and made her a completely unique birthday card. Graham would send flowers to his partner to where she works and regularly made her breakfast in bed. He would cut her toasties into hearts and slice her tomatoes into flowers.

“Graham was a much loved partner, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and colleague. He was a man who was calm, kind, considerate, loving, intelligent, modest and hardworking. Who was responsible, conscientious and committed to meeting his obligations and a man who truly loved and treasured his life with his childhood sweetheart.”