Family of four loses treasured items after fire destroys Eaton Ford home

Blaze took hold of family's home in Eaton Ford

Blaze took hold of family's home in Eaton Ford - Credit: Archant

A family who lost belongings and treasured memories in a fire that ripped through their home have described the incident as ‘heart-breaking’

Blaze took hold of kitchen in family's home in Eaton Ford

Blaze took hold of kitchen in family's home in Eaton Ford - Credit: Archant

Caitriona Casey was at her home, in Arnhem Close, in Eaton Ford, with her two children, Carragh, 4, and Macdara, 16 months, on Wednesday (June 22), at around 11.45am, when she heard an explosion.

“I was in the kitchen and my kids were in the sitting room when I heard a loud bang that was like a firework,” said Miss Casey.

“My instant reaction was to unplug the tumble dryer. I then checked the filter on the bottom of the machine as I could smell something funny.”

Miss Casey, 30, grabbed her children and left the property before ringing Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and getting the help of her neighbours.

“It felt like I waiting about half an hour for the fire brigade to come. I was so scared when I started to see the smoke coming from the house and then the window in the kitchen blew out.

“If just think that I had stayed there another minute things could have been much worse,” added Miss Casey.

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Within seven minutes, fire crews had arrived but the blaze had caught hold of most of the downstairs of the house and caused smoke damage to the upstairs of the property.

Miss Casey and her partner Darren Healy, 41, were allowed back into their home late last week to collect belongings and clothes.

Tumble dryer after fire in Eaton Ford home

Tumble dryer after fire in Eaton Ford home - Credit: Archant

Mr Healy said: “It is just heartbreaking for us. Stuff can be replaced but it is the memories that are the worst things.”

The family lost christening candles and paintings of their children in the blaze, as well as much loved toys, including a Disney Dumbo toy that Carragh has slept with since she was a baby.

“Everything is gone from in the house. It is just about starting from scratch now,” added Miss Casey.

It is hoped that some of the furniture including beds can be saved but the majority has had to be thrown away.

Since the fire the family have been overwhelmed by the support of friends and neighbours.

Miss Casey said: “One of our neighbours, Dee Pledger, has been washing our clothes for us to try and get the smoke smell out of them and Kate Horner has been cooking us dinner which we are so grateful for.”

The family, who only moved to the house a year and half ago, have also thanked the support of the Red Cross as well as crews from the fire service.

The family are now living in one hotel room and are trying to find a new house near to Carragh’s school of Crosshall Nursery in the hope to rebuild their lives.