A mum has told of the terrifying moment her 18-year-old daughter woke up to find her bed was on fire.

Lisa Attryde and her four teenage children were forced to flee their Hinchingbrooke Park home after being alerted to the blaze in the early hours of Monday (June 1).

"My daughter, Zenab, was screaming because she woke up surrounded by fire," said Lisa. "I threw a bucket of water over it but it didn't do anything. I said 'Everyone out, get down the stairs'. It was horrible, absolutely horrible.

"I closed the bedroom door, which is a fire door, and I think that saved the rest of the house."

Zenab, who suffered from shock but was otherwise uninjured, her mum, sisters Amina, 19, and Tabs, 15, and brother Mo, 16, all escaped unharmed.

Once outside, Lisa said the family were joined by friends who tried to put out the flames, which were in a front bedroom. A ladder was found and buckets were passed between a human chain.

Two fire engines from the Huntingdon's fire station were sent to the terrace house in The Shrubbery at 3.12am, arriving at 3.21am, with both there in less than 15 minutes.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went inside and found a smouldering mattress, which was pushed out of the window, before they made sure the property was safe. The rest of the room was heavily smoke damaged and many of the clothes belonging to Zenab, who is doing A-levels at Hinchingbrooke School, were ruined.

Lisa, who has lived in the house for nearly two years, said the fire had started underneath the bed but the cause remained a mystery.

She also thanked people for their help. "My neighbours are absolutely brilliant. They cam out in the early hours, took the kids in, gave them hot sweet tea because they were shocked, came round and gave us a mattress until we get something sorted with the insurance - they have restored my faith in people."

Group Commander Chris Parker, who is responsible for community fire safety at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, advised people not to put themselves at risk. He said: "When the crews arrived at the scene, some of the residents were attempting to put out the fire, which could have put them at risk of injury.

"We would like to encourage people to get out, stay out and dial 999 if they discover a fire in their property. If they are able to close any doors on their way out of the building, this will help reduce the risk of fire damage to the property."