Family and friends of murder victim Chris West speak of their ‘sorrow’ at loss

The brother of Chris West, Daniel West, read a statement after the sentencing.

The brother of Chris West, Daniel West, read a statement after the sentencing. - Credit: Archant

The wife of murder victim Chris West gave a harrowing account in court on Monday of how she ‘watched the man I love die in front of me’.

In a victim impact statement read at Cambridge Crown Court, Becky West said her husband’s life was “meaninglessly cut” just weeks after they had celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Mrs West, who was at the pub with her husband on the night of the murder, said that it was just like any other Friday night.

“The night was the same as any other night and we were having such a nice evening,” she recalled.

“The night changed when we realised our friend Dan [Berryman] was seriously injured. I was completely unaware that Friday was the last morning I would wake up next to my husband.”

Chris and Becky West

Chris and Becky West - Credit: Archant

She described her husband as ‘loving’ and ‘fun’ and someone that always put other people first.

“Facing day-to-day life without Chris’s support has turned my life upside down,” she said.

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“I did not just lose my husband and best friend, I lost my future. We both lost our future together. I had all I ever wanted with Chris and now that is gone my life is pointless.

She added: “I struggle to sleep because of the flashbacks of Chris dying in front of my eyes. I literally watched my husband and man I love die in front of my eyes.

“Our dream of buying a family home together is no longer a reality. I can only hope that the person that has ruined my life is never able to do this again.”

Mrs West went on to talk about how she ‘dreaded’ going to the trial due to her having flashbacks of the scene.

She also spoke briefly about how she didn’t understand why Nazir did not plead guilty and made her go through the ‘torture’ of the case.

She went on say: “No amount of time will be any consolation for what Chris and I would have achieved together in that time.”

After the sentencing, Mr West’s family made a statement outside the court.

They said: “Today’s sentence marks the beginning of the end of a truly horrendous period in all our lives.

“Chris had his life tragically cut short in October last year in a brutal and unprovoked attack, the impact of which has been devastating for his family and friends.

“Time will never make this injustice any easier, nor will it change the fact Chris’s life was cut short just as it was getting started.

“The sense of loss and grief that we all personally feel is as nothing when compared to the sense of sorrow we feel for Chris, who as a result of this needless act, will never be able to achieve his goals and fulfil his potential.

“We and his friends will always remember Chris for his good humour, kindness, big heart, selflessness, moral compass and his compassion which made him an integral part of all our lives. He will always be in our memories.”