Families pay respects to police officers at memorial garden opening in Huntingdon

OFFICERS and staff at Cambridgeshire Police who died on or off service were commemorated today at a memorial garden unveiling at the Huntingdon headquarters.

The Lord-Lieutenant Hugh Duberly opened the garden that honours the 190 members of police staff at Cambridgeshire Police who have died whilst on service or after retiring since the early 1800s.

A police box that was in use in Cambridge until the early 1980s forms the centrepiece of the garden. Pc Tony Laud, representing the Police Federation laid a police helmet next to the box that he remembers using to call headquarters 30 years ago.

Lord-Lieutenant Hugh Duberly said: “It’s was really moving to see so many people here today. I think the memorial has struck a cord with everyone who has lost a family member or a colleague.

“It’s really important that everybody got together to show these people will be remembered and will inspire new officers and staff in Cambridgeshire.”

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