Falling tree almost hits passer by in St Neots, blocking a road and the River Great Ouse

Tree falls, Brook Street, St Neots

Tree falls, Brook Street, St Neots - Credit: Archant

A WILLOW tree has fallen in St Neots, blocking a road and almost hitting a passer by.

The tree fell at around 11.50am (August 5) on Brook Street, snapping in half, completely blocking the one way road and partially blocking the River Great Ouse.

Police were called and are at the scene along with Cambridgeshire County Council who are working to remove the tree from the road, which is causing congestion in the town centre.

Christine Green, 53, who was passing as the tree fell and lives on Brook Street, said: “I was just coming home with my shopping and it split in the middle and the tallest part came across the road and fell in front of me.

“I heard a huge cracking sound and I thought it was going to hit my front window but it landed about 10 meters short.

“A poor elderly lady had just driven past where it fell as it came down and had to pull over – she was quite shaken.”