Falling fuel prices continue to benefit drivers in Huntingdonshire

Forecourt manager Lawrence Shaw and sales assistant Daryl Williams.

Forecourt manager Lawrence Shaw and sales assistant Daryl Williams. - Credit: Archant

The plummeting price of oil has made an impact at the pumps for drivers filling up with fuel on the worldwide market - and Huntingdonshire is no exception.

As the cost of crude oil continues to fall, motorists remain hopeful that the RAC’s prediction of prices of less than £1 per litre for petrol by the end of the month will be realised.

The latest cuts would further lower the average price of petrol, which is at its cheapest for about five years.

Nick Martin, general manager of Burton Brothers in Bury Road, Ramsey, said: “I think it’s a wonderful thing – everybody is happy because rather than spending £70 or £80 on filling your car up you spend £40 or £50.

“We are a family business so we are constantly trying to keep prices to a minimum and we look forward to the price drop every day at the moment.

“It’s been happening for the last few weeks and I think as a business I can only say that we are busier.

“It’s like everybody has had a pay rise - it affects so many people.”

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Tony Burton, owner, added: “I have been here for 50 years and I have never known fuel prices to drop away like it – it is absolutely amazing. Crude oil now costs about 53 dollars a barrel, and a couple of months ago it was over 100 dollars a barrel. It has lost 50 per cent of its cost – I have never experienced that in 50 years. It is a major surprise that it has fallen away.

“It is helpful to everybody – it should bring costs down all together. Take all the supermarkets – all their food is delivered in by lorries and it should bring the costs of everything else down.”