Fake police officer scammers targeting Huntingdonshire


- Credit: Archant

Four Huntingdonshire women have fallen victim to a hoax involving men who claim to be from the police.

They were called on Monday (November 3) by men claiming to be officers from Hammersmith and Croydon police stations. One victim was told that a man in custody had given their address and another reported that she was asked to give her card details as they had been cloned.

After becoming suspicious, a victim contacted the Metropolitan Police, who confirmed that the name and collar number did not exist.

In each case no money had been stolen from the victims’ accounts.

Detective Inspector Jamie Stenton said: “We are working hard to find out who is committing these crimes but we’re also keen to prevent any further people becoming victims. I would urge everyone to speak to anyone who is vulnerable, relatives or neighbours and remind them not to trust anyone over the phone, without checking their legitimacy first.

“They should also never give any bank cards, cash or valuables to anyone at the door, even if they say they are from your bank or the police.

“The fraudsters can be very persuasive and often victims don’t realise they have been scammed, always make sure you have ended the call before dialling 999.”

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INFORMATION: To report an incident in action always call 999. After the event, call Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.