Failing to fit in an aeroplane seat prompted slimmer to shed the pounds

Before - Tracy Rooney couldn't fit into an aeroplane seat

Before - Tracy Rooney couldn't fit into an aeroplane seat - Credit: Archant

A slimmer has lost more than three-and-a-half stone after being left “mortified” when she found she was unable to fit into an aeroplane seat when she set off on a holiday.

After - Tracy Rooney after losing three and a half stone

After - Tracy Rooney after losing three and a half stone - Credit: Archant

Tracy Rooney, 47, said: “It was horrible. I had never been like that in my life and I never want to be like that again.”

She joined the Weight Watchers group at Brampton and is now just 5lbs short of losing four stone.

Tracy, from Godmanchester, was so confident after losing the weight that she successfully applied for a new job at Hinchingbrooke Hospital where she works.

The mum of two grown-up children said: “Falling in love and finding the man of my dreams was amazing but we started going out for dinner quite a lot and I gradually put weight on.

“When we went away together on holiday I was mortified that the seats were too tight for me to fit into and I found it very upsetting as we had to move seats due to my weight.”

Tracy said they had pre-booked seats near an exit which were narrower than usual but that the whole episode meant she realised she had to tackle her weight.

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“When we came back from our holiday I knew I had to do something about it and joined Weight Watchers. I have to say that I absolutely love it,” she said.

“My partner and I still go out but are able to make better choices. I never feel hungry and I still enjoy all the foods I love.

“I have started walking to work every day which is more than six miles. I never feel out of breath any more.”

Tracy added: “I also have so much confidence now - I went for an interview the other day and had so much confidence that I got the job.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the weight I have lost so far and I’ve never felt better.”

She said coach Sarah Andrews - who runs groups at the Eatons Community Centre on Tuesdays, the Priory Centre on Wednesdays and Brampton Memorial Centre on Thursdays - was a “real inspiration”.

Tracy said her top two tips for losing weight were walking to work and making smart swaps, such as stopping drinking wine.