Escaped horses shot to prevent danger to public

TWO horses that had escaped from their field in Warboys were shot dead after attempts to capture and tranquillise them failed.

A spokesman for the RSPCA, which has been called in to try to capture the horses, said: “Two horses had been reported as being loose on the airfield and nearby farmland for around a month, after they escaped from their field.

“The RSPCA was asked to assist the owners in catching the mare and stallion, which were unbroken and had not been handled.

“Several previous attempts by the owners, farmers, the RSPCA and the police had failed. Attempts had been made to tranquillise the horses and this had not worked.

“A further attempt to catch the horses was again made last Friday, and involved the police, the owners and their supporters, and the RSPCA, but sadly despite everyone’s best efforts this again failed.

“The horses were posing a danger to themselves, the public and road users on the nearby A141. A decision was then made, with the owners full consent for an independent ranger to euthanise the horses, because of fears for the safety of the general public.”

The horses were aged between 12-15 years.