Could you escape from the town’s old jail cells?

The old police station at St Neots Museum

The old police station at St Neots Museum - Credit: Archant

The second season of the Jailbreak Escape Room at the St Neots Museum is now underway.

Visitors take on the challenge in the old Victoria cells of the town’s former police station which is now home to the museum.

The Mystery in History company event saw 574 people take part in the first event earlier in the year and have return with some new puzzles to solve.

The scenario is that it is November 16, 1916 and you and your colleagues are employed by Mr Bartlett, renowned butchers of St Neots. Last week you all received your call-up papers to join the Bedfordshire regiment and to prepare to begin military training before travelling to the Western Front.

But you believe it is imperative that the good people of St Neots continue to have a good supply of meat, and without your presence, there will be an acute shortage of slaughtermen and butchers.

You have therefore appealed against your conscription and been summoned to St Neots jail, where you will be held for one night before appearing at Huntingdon County Appeal Tribunal. You are determined to escape.

After being locked in the cell, you and your colleagues will have 60 minutes to break out. You will have to pass through three stages: breaking out of the cell; breaking out of the cell corridor; and – finally – escaping through the main gate. Sessions take place on November 22/24/26/29/30 and December 8/9/13/15/21. There are afternoon and evening sessions.

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