Petition calls on county council to reject waste incinerator

Protestors gathered outside the Envar Q&A session in St Ives 

Protestors gathered outside the Envar Q&A session in St Ives - Credit: David Glover

A petition opposing plans for a large hospital waste incinerator to be built in a Huntingdonshire village will be handed to council bosses tomorrow (January 25). 

Councillor Steve Criswell will be presented with a petition against the Envar facility by representatives of the action group ‘People Opposing Woodhurst Incinerator’.  

Following this, Cllr Criswell will be proposing a supporting motion at the meeting of the county council. 

Envar submitted plans for the waste energy recovery facility last year – which will include a 26-metre-high chimney stack at The Heath, Woodhurst. 

Concerns have been raised over plans to build a Medical waste incinerator near St Ives. 

Concerns have been raised over plans to build a Medical waste incinerator near St Ives. - Credit: Google Images

Reasons for the objections include the height of the chimney stack, increased traffic which will lead to more road congestion, air pollution and increased noise. 

Cllr Criswell said: “My motion to the council is aimed at drawing attention to the level of public objections to the Envar application and to show support for those concerns.  

“As we have seen from similar applications locally and across the country, there is real concern about the use of incinerators to dispose of waste.  

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“Until that national debate is concluded, we should not be allowing any more to be built.”

Envar insist that the site would be producing top quality compost as well as biogas that is fed into the National Grid or used as vehicle fuel.

"Dry AD is a well proven technology very common in Europe and enables a very controlled processing environment with sites often very close to residential areas without any odour nuisance," a spokesperson previously said.

A decision on the planning application is expected by Cambridgeshire County Council’s Planning Committee within the next few weeks.