The candidates who want your vote on December 12

Mark Argent, Paul Bullen, Jonathan Djanogly, Daniel Laycock and Samuel Sweek

Mark Argent, Paul Bullen, Jonathan Djanogly, Daniel Laycock and Samuel Sweek - Credit: Archant

In the Huntingdon constituency there are five candidates and they are: Mark Argent (Liberal Democrat), Paul Bullen (Independent Brexiteer), Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative), Daniel Laycock (Green) and Samuel Sweek (Labour).

Mark Argent (Liberal Democrat)

Mr Argent says he is a committed European. He's opposed to Brexit, and believes the best deal is the one we already have as full members of the EU.

He's been alarmed at the way Brexit has put the "extremists" in charge in both the Conservative and Labour parties, leaving

many people unable to vote as they usually would.

The answer, he says, is to stop Brexit, and address the division it's caused, and the frustrations that led people to vote for it.

"This means securing funding for the NHS, and finding the money by adding 1p to income tax.

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"It means tackling wealth inequality, particularly around the cost of housing. "It means moving decisions from Westminster much closer to the people affected by them.

"We deserve better than the shambles of a barely-accountable elected mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Climate change is the biggest threat humanity faces, but it has been pushed off the agenda."

Paul Bullen (Independent Brexiteer)

Mr Bullen said: "I am a married man with three grown-up children and am a qualified aeronautical engineer, pilot and boat master.

"I was a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force for 20 years before retiring in 1995 while stationed at Royal Air Force Wyton.

"I saw service during the Falklands conflict, both Gulf wars and Northern Ireland and have also served in Africa, North America, Canada, Cyprus and mainland Europe.

"Following my air force career, I started my own business within the marine industry. I served as a Justice of the Peace from 1998 until 2012 at the magistrates' court in Huntingdon and in the family proceedings court. I have been a county councillor for St Ives and group leader on Cambridgeshire County Council.

"I believe in democracy and will fight for the right Brexit deal for the UK - not the EU and, most importantly, I want our country to be a free and independent nation again."

Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative)

Mr Djanogly lives in Alconbury with his wife Rebecca and their son and daughter.

He said: "I am deeply honoured to have been re-adopted as the Conservative candidate for the Huntingdon constituency.

"It is an honour to stand for election again, working with local residents, fellow Conservatives and through lobbying ministers, a great deal has been achieved for Huntingdonshire over the last 18 years.

"Winning the battles to save Hinchingbrooke Hospital, protecting its vital services and ensuring they remain available to all.

"Leading the successful fight for fairer funding for Huntingdonshire's schools, which next year will see an average increase in funding of more than five per cent per school across our constituency.

"Supporting our growing community so we get the infrastructure we need, including delivering an upgraded A14."

Daniel Laycock (Green)

Mr Laycock, 31, has led the Huntingdonshire Green Party since March 2019, outlined his campaign plans ahead of the announcement of a general election on December 12.

He said: "We want a climate emergency being declared before the end of the year by Huntingdonshire District Council, with a Citizens Assembly created, we say 'no' to a third river crossing in Huntingdon and let's get back to the real issues."

Since being selected last month, Mr Laycock has been talking to residents and voters from across the political spectrum about their concerns, with Brexit dominating, he says.

"National politicians are failing us, and this constituency really needs a Green voice to stand up for it and someone willing to listen to local people, not toe the big-party line.

There needs to be real action by the Government to see real change happen on the climate crisis, which will be credible and sustainable for future generations.

"We need to end austerity, fix the funding gap in the education system, end SATs and OFSTED.

Samuel Sweek (Labour)

At the age of 26, Mr Sweek is one of the youngest candidates representing a mainstream political party in the UK at this election.

He was born at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and educated at Hartford Infant and Junior schools, and later St Peter's School.

He has worked for local charities such as the Papworth Trust and Richmond Fellowship, which he says has given him an insight into some of the issues facing constituents in the area.

"I am raising my two children, Sonny and Kiriah, here and I will never stop fighting for a better world for them to grow up in.

"I have always had a keen interest in politics and history. Over the years, this has developed into a passion for campaigning, activism and fighting for change.

"In May 2018, I was elected to represent the Huntingdon North ward on Huntingdon Town Council. Since my election, I have ensured the voices of my constituents are heard in the council chamber on every issue. In addition, I am the chairman of the environment sub committee.

"I am a proud working class socialist and trade unionist. My main areas of interest are the environment, education and the NHS, and as MP for Huntingdon, St Neots and St Ives, I would work tirelessly to represent the people I serve.

"I will be the voice of our constituency in Westminster, not the voice of Westminster in our constituency. I am committed to delivering on promises to create an economy that works for all, fully fund our schools, hospitals and public services, scrap Universal Credit, a £10 minimum wage, invest in our public transport and a comprehensive Green New Deal to decarbonise the UK economy by 2030."