Police are appealing for information after cash was stolen from an elderly woman’s home in Burgess Walk, St Ives.

The victim, a woman in her 90s, has carers visit home each day, however between about 10.15am and 12pm yesterday (October 29) she had a visit from a woman she did not recognise.

The woman is described as in her 30s with a round, smiley face and possibly with dark hair.

After entering the house, the woman went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea while the victim waited in the living room.

She then claimed to have left her phone in her car, and left without returning to the flat.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesmen said: “The victim’s daughter was told of this incident, and upon checking, noticed £25 in cash was missing from an envelope kept in a kitchen cupboard above the kettle.”

The police were called to the incident at 2pm yesterday.

The elderly woman is said to be unharmed but “understandably shaken.”

Anybody who knows anything about the burglary is being urged to contact DC Jo Grant at Huntingdon on 101.