Petrol prices have reached an eight-year high - how much are you paying?

Fuel prices are at an eight-year high.

Fuel prices are at an eight-year high. - Credit: ARCHANT

Petrol prices have reached an eight-year high after nine straight months of rises, according to information released today (August 4).

The RAC says the average price of petrol is now 135.13p per litre.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at says: "Rising oil prices have been pushing up fuel costs for months, to the point that we’re now seeing the highest petrol and diesel prices in years.

The Hunts Post wants to find the best prices for fuel in Huntingdonshire and find out how the different areas compare, so if you are out and about, take a photo or make a note of the information and leave a post on our Hunts Post Facebook page.

“More than two in five (41 per cent) of drivers told Confused.Com they felt current fuel costs were unjustified, but what do you think?

Competing supermarkets often offer petrol discounts and larger petrol stations can usually offer their fuel at slightly lower prices, in order to try and entice drivers, although this could be at the expense of smaller independent providers.

“Fluctuation in prices, as well as varying costs between regions and suppliers, makes it confusing to know when and where we’re going to get the best deal," added Confused.Com.

Check out the Confused.Com petrol price finder here: