'Tough year for pupils and teachers in the wake of Covid challenges'

Hunts Post readers say extending the school day is 'cruel'.

Teenagers around the UK will find out their A-Level and GCSE results next week. - Credit: PA Images

Teenagers around the UK will find out their A-Level and GCSE results next week – with grades determined on a “range of evidence”. 

Grades have been teacher-assessed after exams were cancelled for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. 

Mock exams, coursework, essays and in-class tests could all be used by teachers determining grades. 

Sixth formers will be able to pick up their grades from about 8am on Tuesday August 10, while GCSE pupils will receive theirs two days later on August 12. 

On our social media question this week, we asked readers if they were happy with teachers determining grades rather than the usual format of formal exams. 

Parents were keen to emphasise that despite the school year being different – many had still sat exams and felt the same pressure. 

David Wood: “Speaking as a teacher who's been teaching GCSE for the last few years, we have assessed grades according to a strict formula laid down by awarding bodies and grades have been given based on a series of approved tests.  

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“It's probably better than assessing a student's ability based on their performance on a single occasion. If students have done well it's down to their hard work, not my marking.” 

Hayley Lawrence said: “They actually have sat exams. My daughter sat seven weeks of full on assessments between Easter and May half term.  

“They were exam questions sat in exam conditions and she worked consistently hard throughout lockdown and the exam period, so yes, I am more than happy for her teachers who know her and know how hard she worked to decide her grades.  

“They are moderated by exam boards and not just plucked out of thin air. These students have worked extremely hard in challenging circumstances it’s about time this was acknowledged rather than played down by saying that’s haven’t sat exams.” 

Rachel Hamilton: “Daughter just sat A-levels, son just sat GCSEs. Both took a ridiculous amount of exams and worked hard all the way through lockdown, as did their teachers. So yes, at the moment I have faith in their teachers to decide results.” 

Mandy Jane Brunning added: “I find it bang out of order [teachers assessing results].

“Especially if a teacher has a dislike to a student or a favourite in the class.”