Ramsey students taking part in enrichment programme

Abbey College students, in Ramsey, are taking part in an enrichment programme.

Abbey College students, in Ramsey, are taking part in an enrichment programme. - Credit: ABBEY COLLEGE

Abbey College in Ramsey has made significant progress with its enrichment programme, OOP which encourages students to expand their learning past the classroom.

The Offer and Opportunity Programme (OOP) aims to inspire students to engage in new activities, develop their interpersonal skills, meet new people and learn more about a newfound interest.

The after-school programme has been piloted to KS3 students across Years 7 and 8 who were encouraged by the school to sign up to at least two sessions across the academic year.

Last term, students enjoyed multiple sports clubs such as hockey, football and netball, as well as a variety of other sessions such as acting master class, design and make, and an anti-crime team.

This term, students can take advantage of a range of new clubs including dance and fitness, clay and crafts, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Andy Christoforou, headteacher at Abbey College, said: “At Abbey College, we believe in challenging our students in all aspects of their learning to help them become aspirational, enthusiastic and proud individuals.

“Developing and succeeding in new activities helps young people build confidence and enhances strong leadership skills.

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"Our OOP enrichment programme nurtures these characteristics and we have been so impressed with the high level of work and progression in each activity.

“We hope our students enjoy these experiences and they ignite a flame in a newfound hobby. Thank you to all staff members who are involved in OOP for offering our students support through engaging and creative sessions.”

Year 8 student, Eleanor Rose said: “I have enjoyed STEM so much that I have joined the after-school club. It has taught me the importance of teamwork and creativity.

"So far in Year 8 STEM I have created a dog tag and small parts of a Formula 1 car. For my GCSEs I would really like to take engineering as I think I would suit the engineering career path.”

Evie Vernall, also in Year 8, added: “I find STEM interesting because you get to work like real engineers. It has shown me the importance of teamwork and that if you work together, you can create lots of amazing things.”

For more information about Abbey College, please visit: https://www.abbeycollege.cambs.sch.uk/