Sponsorship secured to build a new primary school in Sawtry

Lesley Birch (Meridian Trust, Deputy CEO) and Mark Woods (Meridian Trust, CEO)

Lesley Birch (Meridian Trust, Deputy CEO) and Mark Woods (Meridian Trust, CEO) - Credit: Meridian Trust

Plans to build a new primary school in Sawtry have been given the green light after Meridian Trust was confirmed as the school's sponsor.

The Trust has been granted approval by the Secretary of State to sponsor the proposed new primary free school.

Lesley Birch, Deputy CEO of Meridian Trust, said: “We are thrilled to have been selected as the sponsor for this new primary school in Sawtry and our colleagues are excited to begin supporting the project.

"There is no doubt that the new primary and nursery provision will make a fantastic addition to the village and provide much-needed school places as it continues to grow.

With planning approval granted for three large developments in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire County Council identified a need for a new primary school for the village with a proposed opening date of September 2023.

The school will be built with the facilities required to offer up to 420 places in line with housing growth and increased pupil numbers over the next few years.

There will also be provision for Early Years and childcare for children aged 2-4 years.

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Ward Councillor for Sawtry Simon Bywater said: "This is a big moment for Sawtry and a big statement for the village. There have been lots of obstacles to overcome to get to this point, including Covid. I want to thank the Meridian Trust for their commitment to Sawtry and our surrounding villages.

“Having good local schools on our doorstep is what every family wants and deserves no less. Cambridgeshire has some of the best primary schools in the country, and I’m certain that our new school here in Sawtry is going to educate and inspire children for many years to come. "

The existing Principal of Sawtry Junior Academy, Sarah Flack, will be the opening headteacher drawing on her existing relationships with the village community and local providers.

The school will draw on the trust school improvement team, SEND expertise, and networks. HR, Site, Finance and IT capability is available within the village.

Sarah said: “I am delighted to be supporting this fantastic new development for Sawtry. I look forward to working with all education providers in the village to build on our existing partnerships and provide the best possible education for the children in our community.”