Eccentric Party leader proposes ban on duffle coat hoods as he offers advice to UKIP leadership hopeful

Lord Toby Jug visits Ramsey,

Lord Toby Jug visits Ramsey, - Credit: Archant

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain has called for a ban on duffle coat hoods in response to a proposal to prevent women wearing the burka put forward by UKIP leadership hopeful, Lisa Duffy.

Lord Toby Jug visits Ramsey, with Lord Bungle.

Lord Toby Jug visits Ramsey, with Lord Bungle. - Credit: Archant

St Ives-based Lord Toby Jug, leader of the Eccentric Party, spent a day searching for Ms Duffy in her Ramsey constituency, hoping to give some advice to the leadership contender.

Ms Duffy made headlines last week after announcing that she wanted restrictions on women wearing full face veils or burkas, in public places.

After initially saying she did not want it to be illegal to wear the veil, she later conceded that she believed that there should be a law against it.

“I think she’s been proven to be a bit of hypocrite,” Lord Toby Jug told The Hunts Post.

“She is very confused so I thought I’d go to Ramsey and see if we could find her and offer her some tips on leadership and decision-making.”

In response, Lord Jug’s party has also decided to ban duffle coat hoods being worn, as well as tea cosies as hats.

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“We don’t believe people with different religions should be forced to do something against it, like removing the veil,” he added.

“We think that the banning of the wearing of the full duffle coat hood would help us to spot any trainspotting fiends and we’ve called for the banning of tea cosies being worn on heads because we do not want to see any trouble brewing.”

Lord Jug was unable to find Ms Duffy on August 11, but says he is happy for her to contact him for any advice.

“Being leader of the Eccentric Party of Great Britain, I feel I could give some good pointers to Ms Duffy from one lunatic to another as she battles to take over the reins of UKIP following the resignation of Nigel Farage,” he added.

“I said I would be quite happy to stand down and let her take over my party, but I feel she is too extreme even for us.”

Lord Jug’s party has seen a recent surge in members, with 358 signing up in March, Wisbech and Ely this month alone, as well as 48 in Ramsey following his search for Ms Duffy.