Eaton Socon woman hopes to raise �200 for women who have suffered a miscarriage

A WOMAN who suffered a miscarriage aged 19 is going to be cutting her hair to raise money for parents in a similar situation.

Karrina Bishop, of Fallow Drive, Eaton Socon said she received a lot of support from husband Karl after losing their baby, but the 23-year-old learning support worker knows other women are not so lucky.

She will be cutting her long locks for The Miscarriage Association, which provides support and advice to women who have suffered miscarriages or stillbirths.

For Karrina, who has not had her hair cut short for three years says watching it being hacked back will be a wrench.

The left-over hair will be sent to the Little Princess Trust, to be made into wigs for children suffering hair loss from chemotherapy treatment.

She said: “I was lucky to have my husband and my mum to help me [when I had a miscarriage]. Not everyone would have had that support. I am trying to raise �200 for The Miscarriage Association. Anything over that would be a real bonus.

“Since it happened, it has always been in the back of my mind. People don’t like to talk about it. You do not know what to say.”

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INFORMATION: To donate to Karrina go to