Vicar of Earith praises villagers for support during pandemic

Memorial Garden to officially open the area on behalf of Earith Parish Council.

On Saturday May 11 2019 Warrant Officer (Class 2) Mr Steve Unwin and his wife Kate came down to Earith Memorial Garden to officially open the area on behalf of Earith Parish Council. - Credit: Mandy Pink

The vicar of St Mary’s Church, Bluntisham-cum-Earith, Sheila Anthony expressed how people in the community supported each other together throughout the pandemic.  

Shelia said: "As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was a Facebook group set up for Bluntisham-Cum-Earith.  

“This was to help people and make sure that anybody that was on their own or was isolated, had a connection. 

“We also realised that not everybody would be on the internet, so we also had a Herald which goes out from the church every month.  

“We made sure that all the information was all in there, we also set up a what’s app group, which is still going now.  

“If anyone wanted prescriptions or anything doing, they just contacted me, then I just put it on the what's app group and then people respond straight away.  

“It is fantastic honestly and I know it won't stop, as I think that the Covid-19 pandemic has made people even more aware, that there are more people isolated and alone than we originally think.

Mandy Pink, the Clerk of Earith Parish Council 

Mandy Pink, the Clerk of Earith Parish Council - Credit: Mandy Pink

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“I think this will be permanent and we intend to keep this going."

Shelia also revealed a temporary bakery was set up in the village through the pandemic, where people could go and collect their baked goods on a Saturday.  

Shelia was also approached by a resident at Christmas and asked if there were any elderly people in need, who are on their own and would like a Christmas box.  

The resident provided three Christmas boxes and made three single blokes really, really happy, Shelia stated ‘it was just so beautiful what they had done.’  

People were also offering cakes to one another at Christmas who were isolated and Shelia described the village as ‘a lovely community.’

Shelia said “The community really came together throughout the pandemic.”  

Mandy Pink, the parish clerk of Earith Parish Council also mentioned that there are plans to build a new village hall.  

Mandy said: “We have got a village hall but it is really old and we have decided it is not worth refurbishing and we have decided to build a new one.”