'Just use common sense': E-scooter laws stir debate

Police are reminding members of the pubic to ensure they are aware of the law around use of electronic scooters.

Police are reminding members of the pubic to ensure they are aware of the law around use of electronic scooters. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

E-scooter riders should keep off footpaths, wear a helmet and “be more responsible” in the wake of police laws, readers say. 

Faced with multiple incidents across the county, police put together a video message to e-scooter users last week. 

It stirred a debate on the Hunts Post Facebook page, dividing readers, with some calling e-scooters “dangerous”. 

Rob Jones: “Great idea, just needs some guidance, keep off pavements and pedestrian areas and wear a helmet.” 

Emma Hawkes: “I think they brilliant just need common sense rules where there’s people they should stop to pass or come off the pavement and wear a helmet. 

“This would give so many people more freedom and better on the environment, it’s no different to electric bikes or mobility scooters or powered wheelchair.” 

Marcus Badcock: “Personally I think there a great idea, although they should have the same rules as a moped to use the roads.” 

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Celia Barden: “[They are] dangerous. Not so much for the rider but for those who are not so swift on their feet and can't get out of the way quick enough of the ones that don't use them responsibly. 

Carol Burge: “They are scary and silent coming up from behind so fast. A child or animal will be killed eventually before they finally get banned altogether.” 

Jamie Mayville: “I love e-scooters when I have been in Europe, much better to get around cities etc. 

“But, they have proper designated roadways for just scooters, or they have at least cycle lanes everywhere.  

“A lot of people in this country yet again seem idiotic about these things when common sense is all that's needed.” 

Neighbourhood officer PC Mark Wootton shared what the police are doing surrounding e-scooters in the force’s video. 

Mark highlighted how there has recently been an increase in the number of people calling them in regard to e-scooter incidents.    

They highlighted how it is important to note that e-scooters have a maximum speed of 15.5mph.

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